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Please note the following before enrolment:


Enrol on courses by the last day of enrolment mentioned in each course description. The enrolment is always binding.

Lessons may be reschedule or moved online, if the the teacher becomes ill (or is waiting for the test results). We use email as our primary means of contact. Please also check your junk mail folder regularly, in case our emails are sorted as junk mail.

If you come from a country whose citizens are required to hold a visa in order to travel to Finland, you have to acquire the visa before enrolling on a course. Read more from our Student’s Guide:

Unless otherwise stated, the course fee is paid during the enrolment. The fee can be paid through any Finnish online bank service or with a credit card. When paying by a credit card, please enter the card number without spaces. If the course is already full, it is possible to enrol on the waiting list. If there are cancellations and places become available, we will contact the persons on the waiting list. If they accept a place, the course fee will be charged with an invoice..

The course fee is not tied to study attainments; it is a payment for a limited-term right to study. The fee entitles the student to participate in the studies on a given time, and the enrolment cannot be automatically transferred, for example, to another group or course.

 After enrolment, you will receive a confirmation by email, so please make sure that you enter your email address correctly.

The course fee can also be paid by an employer or another party, in which case the Summer University of Tampere will send an invoice to the payer. Fill in the Company billing section on the online registration form with the required information: name of the payer, billing address, name of a possible contact person and the billing reference. Handling fee of 5 euros will be added to the invoice.

If you need more information about enrolling, please call (03) 223 8433 or send email to

Please choose your course(s) carefully. Read the course descriptions, and refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF) developed by the Council of Europe. If you are uncertain which course to choose, please contact our office. We are happy to help you find the course that suits you the best.

Cancellation terms are the following unless otherwise mentioned in the course description.

You can cancel your enrolment by sending an email message to

If the enrolment is cancelled two weeks or more before the beginning of the course, the course fee deducted by administrative costs of €20, will be refunded to the payer.

If the cancellation is submitted later than two weeks before the beginning of the course, or the cancellation is not submitted at all and the student will not attend the classes, the course fee will be charged in full (the online payment will not be refunded or an invoice for the full course fee will be sent to the participant).

If you become ill, contact the Summer University. If you cannot attend the lessons because of COVID-19, or because you are waiting to be tested, please contact Summer University personnel. 

Summer University of Tampere is not responsible for the operation of students' hardware or software. The course fee will not be returned if a participant cannot attend the online lessons because of individual connection problems or other technical problems.

In case you cannot attend the course, someone else can take your place. If the student has enrolled in a study module, the participant of an individual study unit cannot be changed.

The enrolment will not be voided even if you do not pay the course fee. Course fees are collectible (Law No. 706/2007). If your employer has agreed to pay your course fee but fails to make the payment, the fee will be collected from you.

If case the course fee has already been paid and the course is cancelled (too few enrolments, the teacher is prevented from teaching, or other reasons), the course fee will be refunded to the payer’s account in full.

The Summer University of Tampere reserves the right to change the programme.